Dear visitor

Michael Jay’s blog is available in German only at the moment. Though plans are made to publish articles in English as well, no timeline is set so far. So please be patient – or learn German. 😉

Feel free to contact me via email at me@michaeljay.ch if you have any questions regarding stock photography in general and iStockphoto specifically.

Also, please visit my royalty free stock portfolio at istockphoto.com/MichaelJay

Thanks for understanding,

Michael Jay


4 Antworten zu “English

  1. Hi Michael, welcome to the world of blogging 🙂 It looks good so far even though I can only understand a little. Hope you are doing OK xx

  2. Luis Martinez (luismmolina)

    I cannot wait for the english version of your blog. Great Portfolio by the way…

  3. I like the format. Can’t wait for the English version.

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